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From the fresh snow to the woodbark and the cracked paint on the sculpture, every element in this image has been created by the machine: An artificial intelligence nourrished by  images from humanity's past. 

download (98).jfif

With Back to the Wild I seek to Create in Real life the figures and masks that the AI generated. By so doing my aim is to question if the digital world can help us connect to the mystery of existence and the primal forces of nature. 

By bridging two opposite forces
( Natural vs Digital // Past vs Future) the aim is to open a discussion with the public in order to create interaction, and inspire people to express themselves, research the topic and find their own stance on the subject. 


What does it mean to be wild ? 

When I was a kid building woodhouses in the forest or getting lost in the unknown felt like the most magical experience that life could possibly offer. I remember spending days fighting with sticks, imagining worlds and creating stories that rolled in my mind through the night. No matter how scary, life was always a reason to be amazed and keep moving. 


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Art as a way, to reconnect to the inner child 

My aim with this collection would be to reconnect to my inner child and craft pieces that my younger self would be proud of. Something fun and authentic that represents the nature around me. 

I would like this series to be wild from the start to the finish. Get materials from nature, and in the end of the process, put the art in forests, mountains, and any other sorts of strange places that lie outside of museums. 

I hope to work on this project, for the rest of my life. And by being an artist, I want to prove to the world that just because life is scary doesn't mean that it can't  be a game, a good movie or a fantastic adventure.


download (31).jfif


( Both of these images have been produced with AI )

My intention for these sculptures is to explore raw materials on one side and use recycled materials on the other. 

I hope to make pieces that are elegant enough for going on top of your chimnee, but powerful enough to go outside into the forest, the mountain and the greater outdoor.

I Ho

download - 2023-01-20T113123.328.jfif
download - 2023-01-18T205532.969.jfif
download - 2023-01-20T111257.563.jfif
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download (43).jfif
download - 2023-01-18T205931.009.jfif
DALL·E 2023-01-23 21.34.11 - a  minimalistic and shamanic sculpture of a bull's head  in t
download - 2023-01-18T205451.254.jfif
download - 2023-01-18T205924.635.jfif
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