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The Digital Bridges Project questions is Artifical Intelligence can help us reconnect to kindness and other human emotions. 

In the modern world,  many families are divided. With kids, cousins, and uncles spread far away from each other at every side of the world. 

The aim of this series is therefore to create digital artwork, sculpture and symbols, that transmit a feeling of unity, peace, and simple pure collaboration.

Do you believed that our societies would be more efficient, if we were less afraid of each other and learned to tune into the healing power of kindness ? 

I believe that in a deeper sense, humanity is one big family, and the visual language of art is a bridge, that unites us together and has the power to speak to us all.  

My aim is to ellicit a feeling of kindness, love trust, optimism, healing, understanding compassion, willingness, openness and overall collaboration. 

If our cultures were more open to connect, I believe that we would all come out winning. 

download - 2023-01-29T183351.095.jfif

We all have in mind the classical scene of a family sitting at a restaurant, where the kids are sitting face down with their eyes on their phones. 

Between the old world and the new one, it often seems that we live two worlds appart.

For me this topic began 10 years ago. I remember having countless discussions with my father about the power of social media. These themes created tension back then, and since then, the power of the digital world has only grown, stronger.

Little did he know that I would become a full time artist,
little did he know that I would launch myself into NFT's, 3D sculpting and other types of technological interests. 

To him these were all illusions, things that kept me satisfied with instant gratification, rather than motivated to go out there a


DALL·E 2023-01-23 14.03.38.png
DALL·E 2023-01-23 14.03.45.png
download - 2023-01-29T191538.573.jfif
download - 2023-01-29T183200.768.jfif
download - 2023-01-29T191619.677.jfif
download - 2023-01-30T140720.119.jfif
download - 2023-01-30T141747.890.jfif
download - 2023-01-30T141303.500.jfif


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